Paragliding experience in Colombia

Paragliding is a passion! and Colombia is an awesome country for flying above gorgeous landscapes, with happy people everywhere.

Colombia:  where to fly…

Colombia has a lot of flying sites.  In Roldanillo (Valle del Cauca), every year several international competitions take place.  Paragliding in the coffee region is magical, Apía (Risaralda) and La Merced (Caldas) are awesome because of the farming in the mountains.  Jericó and Jardín (Antioquia) are colorful and charming towns for flying and enjoying the sightseeing.  From Medellín, going to San Félix or Cocorná is so easy and hanging around enjoying the view after flying is a great option.

All the sites have something in common:  people in Colombia are very happy and the landscapes are gorgeous with the best paragliding.

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Tandem:  What to excpect?

Tandem paragliding is to fly as a passenger with a certificated pilot.  The experience is not scary and you don’t need to have previous knowledge.  Just enjoy the best freedom sensation.  Paragliding is safe.  If it’s your first time flying paragliding, help the pilot in the takeoff by running.  In the landing, just do what the pilot tells you, either running or just put your feet up until you land.

Tandem paragliding near Medellín

There are several flying sites near Medellín, San Félix (an hour on the road) is the closest, and it is the best place for a tandem flight, as well as Cocorná, Jericó, Jardín among others sites, all of them around 2-3 hours from the city.

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Voyage parapente en Colombie avec Flysierranevada

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